Summer Break @@ not for me

How would you spend the summer with your kid ? how is it different ? why there is summer holiday and you will find many summer camps, summer course, summer school, drama performance come up .

Just if you were a working mom without summer holiday, how would you arrange your home and work balance ?? 



Like it or not : Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony in Disneyland

Like it or not : Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony in Disneyland


I am leaving my field tomorrow, I set this period because it is MJ ‘s graduation ceremony on Friday ( the next day after tomorrow) . Since MJ is just in nursery class, her school just set the ceremony in the school ( that’s quite make sense for me , from previous Xmas performance experience, actually they could just sit probably, look at the audience for 10 mins ..and most of the songs were actually sang by the teachers sitting beside them . They sang and they rang the bells, but in their own rhythm @@ ) 


I know other kindergartens may have different arrangement, particularly the private pretigious  ones. And from this news commentary, it is set in HKDisneyland ( before the official opening hours in the morning) 

it is true that the activity is not compulsory , after all, you will still have that certificate even you don’t join the ceremony. Besides, if you think the entrance fee is not reasonable,  parent can “choose” not to have their kid joining, parent can “choose” not to go . Yet, this is not a really a free choice for the individual @@  very often, you find it expensive, you will still follow and join. You find those enrichment class so expensive, yet, you will still enrol your kid to the class ( perhaps selecting fewer from a pool of options ) . 

I am here, she is there

Finally I am here in Singapore for my fieldwork, it has been a week that I am away from MJ.

She doesn’t miss me but I miss her a lot .

Though I can get a new perspective from here, I have more questions @@ .. Am I in the field @@  It can be a virtual space and connection  and it can be a very humanized world of communication .. when meeting “bloggers” here  @@

I guess I need to think out of the “field” after this round of observations and conversations.

Besides, ideally I should bring along with MJ to do my fieldwork  , so we can stay together … the Auntie where I am home-staying is very nice and friendly , she said I could take MJ to here next time and MJ could stay home if I am going out to do my work (say half day)




difficult moments

– I don’t like CCTV but my home TV sets are all in CCTV every night because of elderly taste.

CCTV broadcast two episodes every night (Monday -Sunday) same drama until it finishes and the elderly has steadfast favourite towards this channel (no matter what kind of drama)

so basically from 8:00-10:00 p.m. I can just play with MJ in my room @@

 – CCTV has different drama program in the morning too, so basically my home TV sets are always with CCTV @@ , what can I do ?