Parent Day

How do you see the parent day?

in my case, my intuitive feeling towards my daughter’s school is mixed (—> better get in another school for primary one), the sense that they are getting more efforts on so called academic / languages knowledge but in my opinion, lacking the horizon to embrace random thoughts and discussion. my idea from the teacher’s comments today is that reading proficiency is the key , okay, reading is good habit I admit, “you are what you read”, but after all, we are referring to a 5 year-old kid, she would sooner or later, learn those words . Okay, I agree that laerning chinese is important so I chose ( by forced choice), she is attending in a local school with Chinese as the main medium of instructions.

though it is also my daughter’s character, she is kind of  “free style”, it would be easier for her, I guess, if she is in those international school. But , my life encounters tell me that, rules and structure, conservatives people are around in reality, so it is also about learning survival skill in a boring society.


New Arrangement

I have almost forgotten I have a blog to write , it has been a difficult time  for us, because of a sudden stroke of my father at home making him fell down. From that day in December, all the things are no longer the same , it is quite upsetting situations.

Because Dec and it was approching Xmas holiday, my semester had ended, I had more flexibities to stay home, for the home arrangement, we just had to learn from beginning , how to help him to do everything. Surely it was physically and mentally tiring. and we had to clear stuff at home to give more space for the walking frame, wheelchair and all items.

for a baby delivery, somehow you have beforehand some months to study the information and prepare the things, at least , a bed , for this elderly case, all just came in a sudden, and we learnt how to get, how to use @@

also I felt quite lonely indeed just MJ and I for most of the time when my father was in hospital a whole month, helper and my mother took turn to stay there, I mostly full time care MJ and helped to prepare and arrange household stuff, cook.

basically just few hours of sleep everynight in that month, with work, MJ and my study I felt I had reached my max capacity, with this, just boosted to extra and extra @@ every family has its own issues, and when parents are getting old, not immortal, so I think many families also have to take care of elderly, mine is not peculiar one.

but may be in our society, school, environment, just not aware of these kind of skills and knowledge , we all know filial piety, or just from our conscientiousness, but how to transfer into skills ?

Shifting modes summer time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you enjoy your summer time with your kids?

My daughter told me that she didn’t want me to go to work (leave home to office), she would like me to play with her at home everyday @@

I actually do not have fixed working hour and place when the teaching semester is over, as it takes 1.5 hours in communiting to my office, I actually prefer working from home than going back to office. Just a day at home could be very unproductive for my work and study, but leaving my daughter at home, no one actually can perform the “educating role”, no one follow up her school work, she just eats eats eats at home @@ and play in the playground with my domestic helper.

At least she needs to catch up her school syllabus, I am not doing something advance that the enrichment class outside is offering. Actually to save the tuition fee, I see myself the one to “teach”, just to teach her counting 1,2,3, ….30 @@ Actually I can be the one to do that, just I have to be the one at home @@ , read her temper, her emotion, can I /should I spend my summer time like this ?

How to do if your kid honestly tells u she/he doesn’t like going to School ?



Recently, my girl in K1 tells me she doesn’t like to goto school, she is so honest to tell me she just likes to play, play , play and eat @@

she said the classes in school take too long time, always doing same thing (arts & crafts), I think she is so bored with the repetitive routine @@ , I think she can identify the issues here in schooling, but the system is like this here, can I honestly write down on her school handbook to share with the class teacher that my girl doesn’t like attending class, it is so boring @@  

I don’t think her school is that engaging parents to involve (it is always “selectively” adopted), and she is taking school bus commuting to school, I have no direct daily contact with the school authority.  Though finally in May, I’ll find time to pick her up after school myself ! 

Before we have “better choice”,  I just let her know it is the thing you have to cope with, finish the work and you can play or do your own thing @@ 




November is the PEAK season of work

I am counting down the days for the last week/last day of teaching, very intensive schedules with tutorial classes ( as T.A.) and research seminars (as student).   And when it comes to weekend, my time is all about Marie Jane – ballet lesson, playground, homework …and squeezing time to catch up and clear the marking duties @@ I want to say that my eyes are so blind now and then , my mind is not working @@ I just want to have a proper sleep ( without worrying about the next day alarm ring) and nice facial to calm my stressful skin @@


 How to get rid of white hairs @@ 

5 hours sleep


how to write down /express out the tensions at home here ? 

actually I can’t understand why my mom so much wants to use smartphone , but still, many times, she missed our calls, couldn’t listen to the ring tone, didn’t know how to check her message , voice mail and whatsapp …. maybe elderly is like that , but I feel very tired to help/handle …many attempts, I “helped”, I showed her how to check message , make contact list ….etc,  but my efforts were not appreciated, my help is “useless”.  

and I think the fundamental thing is that no one can really tell clearly every step of every possible situation with the smartphone — when you are connected , and with the touch screen, it depends on how you use it …. …. pics, app, message after all, I said , you really have to play with your phone to get familiar with the screen.

usually she would then “reject” my points, my views ….and prefer going to the mobile service shop to ask … ( and I am fine with this) but I am very unset with her reaction /comment I am not helpful @@

I bought a separate telephone card for her to use in China for her short trip, because her mobile was using a mini sim card, so ultimately, she took 2 mobiles with her, one was her original one, and my mobile phone with the China sim card. The result was, I couldn’t reach her with the China phone card no. , the mobile was down the second day of her trip. ( and that was still fine, just again, because she couldn’t understand how to use smartphone) 

and her original mobile was not working today ( I suspected she forgot to recharge for long  …)  maybe just a small issue and argument but both sides were very irritated … she said if I had done something before (in an attempt to change the sim card, but when I opened hers and found out mini- sim, there was no way for me to do anything , so I gave my mobile to her with the China sim card  ) .  now her mobile was not working.. she said ( thought) I should know how to fix it …

but my point is — I have no ideas how to fix /reboot her mobile, this was her mobile …( same situation happened before and she took the mobile phone and the staff helped to fix it ( but I forgot how , at least, the moment she asked me just now) 

and this is nothing to do with the China telephone card @@   

anyway, every time, my conclusion to myself is, not to care too much, sometimes, you do more ( initiate a dinner, initiate a trip , or even just a telephone card so she could use in China ) would become  “tensions” and “arguments” 







summer school pizza



MJ baked a pizza in her summer class today , if I were a full time mom picking her up after class,  probably she could show and tell me a lot right away after school about her making and baking.  Perhaps it is no big issue here  (first, earning a living is more important,  many other working moms are just same as my situation –relying on the helper )  but it is the little thing that you want to build the communication and connection with her …. because I had a meeting in school so I couldn’t be the one there with her but my helper ( so I was outsourcing … yet I definitely believed that she couldn’t have the excitement as a “mother” has when getting the pizza from MJ)

The Pizza is still in the fridge now @@ it is this little thing that I feel frustrated sometimes.