Parent Day

How do you see the parent day?

in my case, my intuitive feeling towards my daughter’s school is mixed (—> better get in another school for primary one), the sense that they are getting more efforts on so called academic / languages knowledge but in my opinion, lacking the horizon to embrace random thoughts and discussion. my idea from the teacher’s comments today is that reading proficiency is the key , okay, reading is good habit I admit, “you are what you read”, but after all, we are referring to a 5 year-old kid, she would sooner or later, learn those words . Okay, I agree that laerning chinese is important so I chose ( by forced choice), she is attending in a local school with Chinese as the main medium of instructions.

though it is also my daughter’s character, she is kind of  “free style”, it would be easier for her, I guess, if she is in those international school. But , my life encounters tell me that, rules and structure, conservatives people are around in reality, so it is also about learning survival skill in a boring society.