New Arrangement

I have almost forgotten I have a blog to write , it has been a difficult time  for us, because of a sudden stroke of my father at home making him fell down. From that day in December, all the things are no longer the same , it is quite upsetting situations.

Because Dec and it was approching Xmas holiday, my semester had ended, I had more flexibities to stay home, for the home arrangement, we just had to learn from beginning , how to help him to do everything. Surely it was physically and mentally tiring. and we had to clear stuff at home to give more space for the walking frame, wheelchair and all items.

for a baby delivery, somehow you have beforehand some months to study the information and prepare the things, at least , a bed , for this elderly case, all just came in a sudden, and we learnt how to get, how to use @@

also I felt quite lonely indeed just MJ and I for most of the time when my father was in hospital a whole month, helper and my mother took turn to stay there, I mostly full time care MJ and helped to prepare and arrange household stuff, cook.

basically just few hours of sleep everynight in that month, with work, MJ and my study I felt I had reached my max capacity, with this, just boosted to extra and extra @@ every family has its own issues, and when parents are getting old, not immortal, so I think many families also have to take care of elderly, mine is not peculiar one.

but may be in our society, school, environment, just not aware of these kind of skills and knowledge , we all know filial piety, or just from our conscientiousness, but how to transfer into skills ?