Shifting modes summer time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you enjoy your summer time with your kids?

My daughter told me that she didn’t want me to go to work (leave home to office), she would like me to play with her at home everyday @@

I actually do not have fixed working hour and place when the teaching semester is over, as it takes 1.5 hours in communiting to my office, I actually prefer working from home than going back to office. Just a day at home could be very unproductive for my work and study, but leaving my daughter at home, no one actually can perform the “educating role”, no one follow up her school work, she just eats eats eats at home @@ and play in the playground with my domestic helper.

At least she needs to catch up her school syllabus, I am not doing something advance that the enrichment class outside is offering. Actually to save the tuition fee, I see myself the one to “teach”, just to teach her counting 1,2,3, ….30 @@ Actually I can be the one to do that, just I have to be the one at home @@ , read her temper, her emotion, can I /should I spend my summer time like this ?