How to do if your kid honestly tells u she/he doesn’t like going to School ?



Recently, my girl in K1 tells me she doesn’t like to goto school, she is so honest to tell me she just likes to play, play , play and eat @@

she said the classes in school take too long time, always doing same thing (arts & crafts), I think she is so bored with the repetitive routine @@ , I think she can identify the issues here in schooling, but the system is like this here, can I honestly write down on her school handbook to share with the class teacher that my girl doesn’t like attending class, it is so boring @@  

I don’t think her school is that engaging parents to involve (it is always “selectively” adopted), and she is taking school bus commuting to school, I have no direct daily contact with the school authority.  Though finally in May, I’ll find time to pick her up after school myself ! 

Before we have “better choice”,  I just let her know it is the thing you have to cope with, finish the work and you can play or do your own thing @@