5 hours sleep


how to write down /express out the tensions at home here ? 

actually I can’t understand why my mom so much wants to use smartphone , but still, many times, she missed our calls, couldn’t listen to the ring tone, didn’t know how to check her message , voice mail and whatsapp …. maybe elderly is like that , but I feel very tired to help/handle …many attempts, I “helped”, I showed her how to check message , make contact list ….etc,  but my efforts were not appreciated, my help is “useless”.  

and I think the fundamental thing is that no one can really tell clearly every step of every possible situation with the smartphone — when you are connected , and with the touch screen, it depends on how you use it …. …. pics, app, message after all, I said , you really have to play with your phone to get familiar with the screen.

usually she would then “reject” my points, my views ….and prefer going to the mobile service shop to ask … ( and I am fine with this) but I am very unset with her reaction /comment I am not helpful @@

I bought a separate telephone card for her to use in China for her short trip, because her mobile was using a mini sim card, so ultimately, she took 2 mobiles with her, one was her original one, and my mobile phone with the China sim card. The result was, I couldn’t reach her with the China phone card no. , the mobile was down the second day of her trip. ( and that was still fine, just again, because she couldn’t understand how to use smartphone) 

and her original mobile was not working today ( I suspected she forgot to recharge for long  …)  maybe just a small issue and argument but both sides were very irritated … she said if I had done something before (in an attempt to change the sim card, but when I opened hers and found out mini- sim, there was no way for me to do anything , so I gave my mobile to her with the China sim card  ) .  now her mobile was not working.. she said ( thought) I should know how to fix it …

but my point is — I have no ideas how to fix /reboot her mobile, this was her mobile …( same situation happened before and she took the mobile phone and the staff helped to fix it ( but I forgot how , at least, the moment she asked me just now) 

and this is nothing to do with the China telephone card @@   

anyway, every time, my conclusion to myself is, not to care too much, sometimes, you do more ( initiate a dinner, initiate a trip , or even just a telephone card so she could use in China ) would become  “tensions” and “arguments”