New Term, New Start

New Term, New Start

attended the parents orientation session last week for her K1 school. I am feeling grateful to get this school place….non-profit making religious school with school traditions… with outdoor and indoor playgrounds, a small organic farm, computer room, library … school hall. Just I feel the whole thing is more systematic .. though no school is perfect, there’s always school rule you don’t agree … I just feel good that MJ is studying here rather than other options/offers we received. And it is a government subsidized school running local syllabus, so we get the voucher , finally I feel there’s something more tangible that I can get from HKSAR government as a working citizen here. With the updated adjustment, we can get something like HKD 17000 for each school year to pay for the year school fee in total around HKD 26000. So basically I just need to pay HKD 800 per month. However, the school bus charge is quite expensive , more than I need to pay for the monthly school fee @@ HKD 1300.

I am reading the HK Population census 2011 recently, and I know I am not the poorest group, in fact, in the middle range ( like many other degree or above working population) . I can’t understand how much you earn monthly can afford those private Kindergartens, the relatively cheaper ones cost HKD 4500-5000 per month + school bus + tea/snacks + textbooks etc.

to be continued.


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