Summer Taipei go go go

after struggling among several possible options in minds, I finally decided and arranged a trip to Taipei with MJ and my foreign domestic helper, enrolled in travel tour @@
Though I have been to Taipei many times, usually on my own, joined in a travel tour could give a convenience on transportation to some places like Leofoo Village , Shifen , Yehliu GeoPark . With typhoon approaching, we then didn’t follow the tour on the third day but had more sleep and spent our whole afternoon at Eslite Bookstore where MJ could play at the kids’ corner !

I guess this trip gives me an emotional support earlier for fieldwork in Singapore @@ I just focused on my interviews and observations in Singapore, at that time, I felt that I shouldn’t leave MJ for so long time ( but time would fly and after that, I knew that 2 weeks’ time just means nothing @@).

I just planned that I could really have a holiday with MJ after her graduation from nursery . For the time and resources I could manage , we had this 4-day-trip !!

My domestic helper however said it was not so attractive , everywhere was rather rural and old-furnished buildings@@



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