Post-field trip

Post-field trip

unpacking and repacking the things, the ideas and possible arguments @@ repacking myself into that mode too , it is just too easy to talk about “work-home balance” , every moment I am making selection and choice indeed, if I were not going to office today I could stay home and went to the pool with MJ probably … yet, I would leave my work undone or just prolonging the productivity @@ on the other hand, MJ would be happier, I could have more moments with her.
you may say it is just one day , a lot other working moms they are working and working in the office whole day everyday, can just see their kids through web cam @@ … I really don’t know, how much is enough, how much is the equilibrium ? every parents want to build and develop close and loving relation with the kid , yet it requires cultivation .. and this makes every day counted ?! when I came back home from office at night, my girl was having dinner, watching her TV program (self-entertaining). every coin has 2 side, Independent is good … but she was saying ” mommy goes away” so sad @@”


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