summer school pizza



MJ baked a pizza in her summer class today , if I were a full time mom picking her up after class,  probably she could show and tell me a lot right away after school about her making and baking.  Perhaps it is no big issue here  (first, earning a living is more important,  many other working moms are just same as my situation –relying on the helper )  but it is the little thing that you want to build the communication and connection with her …. because I had a meeting in school so I couldn’t be the one there with her but my helper ( so I was outsourcing … yet I definitely believed that she couldn’t have the excitement as a “mother” has when getting the pizza from MJ)

The Pizza is still in the fridge now @@ it is this little thing that I feel frustrated sometimes.


Summer Break @@ not for me

How would you spend the summer with your kid ? how is it different ? why there is summer holiday and you will find many summer camps, summer course, summer school, drama performance come up .

Just if you were a working mom without summer holiday, how would you arrange your home and work balance ??