difficult moments

– I don’t like CCTV but my home TV sets are all in CCTV every night because of elderly taste.

CCTV broadcast two episodes every night (Monday -Sunday) same drama until it finishes and the elderly has steadfast favourite towards this channel (no matter what kind of drama)

so basically from 8:00-10:00 p.m. I can just play with MJ in my room @@

 – CCTV has different drama program in the morning too, so basically my home TV sets are always with CCTV @@ , what can I do ? 



Happy Mother’s Day !!




A mother’s day hat made by her class teacher Miss L. @@

Probably one of the reasons favouring schooling ….have been expecting and waiting for this for 3 years !!

Mother’s love is  “unconditional love” ( according to Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving) .

I like this quote I learnt from this book , and with my personal life journey of being a mom,  that bonding to  MJ is unconditional ( though it is not necessary a state of perfection),  other relationships require more cultivation, calculations  ….luck and chance but not MJ @@