Sat Ballet

Sat Ballet

I guess I am far more anxious every Friday night just to mentally prepare myself ready to take MJ to the class on Sat morning.

Actually I feel far more anxious about this “mothering task” than I myself going to ballet class.
Because I see this as “mothering task” that I choose this activity (with my expectation, my passion and sharing with my MJ) ..and I see it as a transmission of knowledge ( so we have more common languages at home to play and practise ) and something from generation to generation ( by taking her to the same ballet school where I had taken class there for 7 years, not the same branch but the staff still recognize me and given us a discount for old student @@ )

I enjoy this task on Sat morning, just I also feel uneasy as I cannot enjoy the “waiting” outside classroom but doing my marking or catching up with my reading @@ . In this 45 mins -session, I marked 6 memos @@ . Can I have a day really be a “mom” only ?



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