Sports Day 11 March 2013


It happened that her school’s sports day was scheduled on today that is still my reading week , so great I could join this school function. I missed her school outing last time.  However the sports day was arranged indoor and a bit chaotic , some mass game to play in the first hour and then lack of order that we didn’t know how to engage in those competitions …there were many kids and parents, seems that they named some families to join, I couldn’t understand the order and most of us were just “audiences” killing time among ourselves . MJ wanted to go home and I couldn’t see any sense to just sit here for an hour so we just left.

so far we have engaged in two terms of study in this nursery, I guess it is the “things” and “qualities” I can get from what I have paid … comparing to other international nursery, the fees are fair (as it has included tea time snacks, reading material, art crafts) , though on average, we just have school day of 15 days per month … Lunar New Year holiday with 10 days no school, Easter holiday with 10 days no school , and teacher development day, parents day, school interview days @@

10 March 2013 Sunday


March 2013                                                     March 2012

Sunday is always a tiring and stressful day for me, particularly when my domestic helper is on day-off.

In some aspects, my mothering /interactions with MJ  are like “performances” to show my mom I am doing “right” things.

We also have arguments in meal time or play time. Basically it is always NOT a good idea to take MJ to anywhere farther than our residential estates, in the morning you would start to hear her “theory” that MJ has coughs, the weather is  windy and cold/ uncertain these days/ she has school tomorrow …. that always calls my project off @@

I guess the key issues are our fundamental belief in  “mothering” … I would also look for/expect enjoyment ( because I need to work in weekdays, and Sat /Sunday are really my time for relaxation ), so it is also my meal time that you may want to have  a better lunch ( pizza , fries or simply something western  ).  find a nice place ( coffee shop or tea house ) for lunch while enjoying the time with MJ.  My mom/ home is a source of oppression, I believe .  Wanna take a smoke @@